Hera Hera Creative

Everyone has a right to see themselves reflected in arts & media. We are all strong; We are all soft.
Expanding representation of all underrepresented persons is something we're passionate about.
We produce creative content, with a skew towards alternative artistic expression. 
Let's talk. Hire us for your project or approach us about collaboration; Make our experience and vision work for you.

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Victoria Long 

Victoria Long is Toronto-based image creator. A recent honours graduate of York University's film production program, she specializes in directing, cinematography and creative writing. Strains of candy colours, dark undertones, and imperfection often run through her work. 

All work on Hera Hera is shot and/or directed by Victoria.

2015 Cinematography Reel:



Sennah Yee

Sennah Yee is from Toronto. She received her BFA in Screenwriting from York University and is currently pursuing her MA in Cinema & Media studies, focusing her thesis on Gendered Robot Design in Mainstream Media and Technology. Through both her creative and academic writing, she aims to address issues concerning race, gender, and their intersections. 

Though names after a racecar driver, she has yet to get behind the wheel.